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The Plot of a Story​

​Ms. Universe by Aceda Israel

The Plot of the Story

Setting: Summer time at the beach.

Main Character: Isabella, an immigrant from Panama, 24 years old.

Conflict: Isabella wants to join the Ms. Universe contest, but she gains weight.

Ms. Universe
By Aceda Israel

Isabella loves to display her figure at the beach. She is young and beautiful. She enjoys going to the beach in the height of summer. This is a special time for her to put on her swimming suit. It fits her well. She gets attention each time she wears it especially from men.

Isabella wants to join the beauty contest. She feels confident about herself. She believes she has the qualifications. This is her dream and she is ready to make her dream come true. She has the skills in languages. She speaks Spanish, French and English. She is a singer and a dancer too. She knows that the Ms. Universe contest is coming soon. She wants to join.

There is one problem. She gains weight. She has to do away eating ice cream and chocolate. They are her favorites. She tries to control herself, but she still gains weight.  She enrolls in the gym and joins a health club. She weighs 150 pounds before. She has lots of work to do to lose weight. For some reasons, her weigh remains the same. The beauty contest is fast approaching and she has very little time left toput herself in shape. Finally, she realizes that it will not work. She goes back to the beach and enjoys herself.


A Businessman Story by Pierre Antoine Jean Baptiste

The Plot of the Story

Setting: The present time, in the city.

Character: Peter, a businessman.

Conflict: Peter is a man who has a strong faith in God. His life is visited by many troubles. He cannot understand why he is losing his business, his relationship with his family is breaking, and his friends are running away from him. Will he still remain faithful to God?

A Businessman Story
By Pierre Antoine Jean Baptiste

Peter is the big boss in a very famous store in the city. He works hard to keep his business running. Many times he meets financial problems, but through his personal management, he is able to save the store from closing. His responsibilities are too much that he does not even have time to spend with his family. His wife and children seldom see him in good mood. He is always stressed and on some occasions worried. His business is putting him down. It hurts his family, and it ruins the relationship as well as with his close friends.

There is always something new in the store. Customers complaining, broken items that cannot be restored, and the business is getting slow each day. Peter’s strength is on his faith to God. He believes that everything will be well. He needs God’s blessings. He is hopeful that in time to come, the business
will be fine. The time comes when his family cannot take it any longer. There is no family time anymore. It is always business. That is in Peter’s mind. He forgets that he is married and with children to care about. His friends who used to be closed to him are no longer close to him.  Peter is slowly losing
 his business. The pressure is too much. He is not only losing his business, but also his family.

In his silence, he thinks about God, his hope and his strength. He realizes that money is not everything. Family is more important.  From this situation, Peter wakes up from a bad dream.Peter puts his trust in God and gives his family quality time. He stops worrying about the future. He knows that God will provide.


A Love Poem by Marie Edith Cesar

The Plot of the Story

Setting: At a home garden in spring time.

Character: Linda, 22 years old, an immigrant from Haiti.

Conflict: A woman who is in love but does not get noticed. She does something that most women will not do.

A Love Poem
By Marie Edith Cesar

One sunny morning of April, Linda, a young woman of 22 years of age walks alone in her home garden. The grass is still wet from the morning dew and the cherry blossoms are coming out. The garden is turning green and the birds are singing. It is a great day for everyone, but not for Linda.

Linda is a beautiful young woman. There is something in her that makes her sad. She loves a man who does not give her attention. She does everything to be noticed but it does not work.  Her home garden provides her time to self reflect.

Linda always thinks of this man. He is always in her mind until she decides to write him a love poem. For Linda, it is the best way to get noticed. She is right. Not long after, she receives a positive response. Jacques, the man Linda loves, offers his heart.

It does not take a long time that they get married and live happily together.


A Secret Love by Leon Faranot

The Plot of the Story

Setting:    A rainy day in the park.

Main Character: Jonathan, a good looking man who is secretly in love with the woman whom he later found out is already married.

Conflict: Jonathan is too shy. He cannot express his feelings to the lady he secretly loves. He often sees the object of his attention going out with someone else. It breaks his heart, but does not have the courage to approach Jessica, the woman he loves.

A Secret Love
 by Leon Faranot

Jonathan did not realize that he would fall in love with the woman he often ignored before. He had all the chances then, but he was occupied with work.   It was work that kept him away from his feeling. He did not give personal time to himself. He missed the opportunity of getting to know Jessica, the woman
he wanted to become his partner in life.

Jonathan gulps the last drop of scotch remaining from a pint size bottle. He wipes his lips as he swallows the strong taste. As he holds the empty bottle, his thoughts wonder.  How long ago, he dreamed of being married.   He dreamed of Jessica, but he was stupid and dumb. He did not take the courage to talk
to her nor even ask her for a friendly date. It was only through his eyes that he let his feelings go. How could the eyes speak for the content of his heart? It was not enough. Jessica has now a boyfriend. This hurts Jonathan. He cannot afford to lose the woman he loves. He wants to call out her name loud, but only in the influence of his drink. The bar room gets dark. The clock on the wall tells the time to close. Slowly, Jonathan leaves the bar and continues the dream in his own bed.

The moment comes. Jonathan’s feeling of emptiness gets so strong. It is something he can no longer hide from himself. It is a feeling that needs to be released. He gathers his courage. He cannot hide the truth. He still loves Jessica despite the long years of silence.

Jonathan decides to see her. He runs to the street and takes a bunch of fresh flowers from the nearby flower shop, and gets in the first cab that passes by. He hurries to Jessica’s house. It is not far. Catching his breath, Jonathan knocks on the door. For a moment, he thinks of going back. Again, stupidity is
getting into him. He remains calm, but shocked to see a man opens the door.  For a while, Jonathan remains standing like a stone. His feet become numbed.  The fresh cut flowers in his hands melt like ice. No words come out from his lips.

Jessica comes from behind the door. Her appearance gives Jonathan the courage to speak up. Suddenly he hands her the flowers that says it all. The flowers express for him the feelings that he has long kept to himself.  Jessica understands and in a very soft voice, she said, “It’s too late, Jonathan. It’s too late. I am already married. ”


A Serious Incident by Nicole Lachaud

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In a company

Character: Maria, a secretary

Conflict: Calling-in sick

A Serious Incident
By Nicole Lachaud

Maria is a secretary. She works in a big company. Her job is to keep and file records, and answer the phone. Sometimes, when her boss is not in or busy, she is responsible to deal with clients. Today, she is apparently very busy. So many business correspondences to reply to, and the phone keeps ringing. Maria manages to do her job well. She always does her best because she loves her job.

One day at work, she suddenly gets a heart attack. She is taken to the hospital and she has to stay there for an indefinite period of time. This means she cannot come to work. Maria fears of what has to happen for her future.

Maria’s dreams vanish in one single incident.


Alone in Sadness by Najla Taher

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In New York City

Character: Jessica

Conflict: Jessica does not have time for a fiancé. She lives alone.

Alone in Sadness
By Najla Taher

Her time is limited to work. Work makes Jessica’s life keep going. It is her daily routine, getting up early  to work and going back home late at night. She is the breadwinner in her family. In her mind, it isnecessary to make money to support her family. This makes her busy at work all the time. She cannot even enjoy herself with other friends. Even at day off, she manages to work to earn extra money.

Her fiancé gets upset for she does not give him time anymore. Everything is for her family. They discuss the issue seriously, but it does not get a solution. Jessica’s priority is her family. They depend on her, and she cannot refuse them. Her boyfriend gives up on her. It makes Jessica sad. She loves him, but she loves her family too. In tears, she walks away.


Classroom Policy by Medilien Saint Juste

The Plot of the Story

Setting: At CAMBA Adult Literacy Center. Summer 2011 Class Cycle.

Main Character: Mr. Barker, a senior citizen literacy teacher.

Conflict: Mr. Barker does not tolerate students who come in late to class. There is a confrontation between Mr. Barker and one student who always comes late to class.

Classroom Policy
By Medilien Saint Juste

Mr. Barker is a literacy teacher at CAMBA. His age tells the numbers of year experience in teaching. He dislikes students who not do well in class especially those who do not pay attention in the lesson. One thing nice about him is that he praises those who do well and those who try their best.

Being a serious teacher, he applies the rules and regulations in class. This is for everyone to follow. One clear policy is to be present in class and be on time. One day, a student comes late and Mr. Barker talks to him privately. It is his interest to make the student understands the importance of coming to class on time. The following day, the same student came in late. The teacher talks to him again. It happens the third time and in the many times again. Mr. Barker almost loses control. He confronts the student.

Mr. Barker learns interesting facts about the student. He is a building cleaner in Manhattan. He cleans three big buildings. He starts his work at 10:00 pm and ends at 8:00 in the morning. This explains why the student comes in late to class on several occasions. Coming to school takes time especially when there is a train problem. Mr. Barker sends the student to the supervisor, but the student refuses. He said, “I’m not going anywhere. I stay in your class.” It upsets Mr. Barker. He takes his bag and walks out. The whole class is disrupted.


Coach Calvin by Woody Eugene

 The Plot of the Story

Setting: At the Stadium

Character: Coach Calvin

Conflict: Coach Calvin is upset. The team has the last game to get into the season’s final.

Coach Calvin
By Woody Eugene

Coach Calvin displays a strong presence before his team players. His personality commands leadership. Although he is not tall enough to reach the basket ring of the basketball court, his commanding voice gets attention from everyone.   He coaches a basketball team.  Each season, the team plays for the championship game in the city. In the elimination round, the team lost twice. They only have one chance left to get into the season’s final.

In a white suit and black pants, Coach Calvin looks more of a politician than a basketball coach. His bulging stomach shows. His face is seriously upset. He talks to his players very strongly. He wants his players to be stronger this time. Two times they lost from the other teams and now is their last chance to get into the finals. The clip board he carries is full of notes. He does not want to forget all the instructions to give to his players. His voice gets louder and stronger as he explains.

The players know how important the game is to the team. They listen to Coach Calvin carefully. No one raises a question. They just listen.  They know that if they will lose the game, they will all get the yelling from Coach Calvin. It is going to be crazy in the locker room. Suddenly, Coach Calvin stops talking. His throat hurts. The players get excited. In their mind, it will be okay.


Dream Girl by Idrissa Sagna

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In the church. The present time.

Character: Alphonse, a 28 year old man, single, jobless

Conflict: Alphonse can’t find his dream girl.

Dream Girl
By Idrissa Sagna

It is a Saturday night. Alphonse sits alone in the bar. The bar is in lower Manhattan. Many people get there especially on the weekends. It is still early, but Alphonse has taken a spot where he wants to drink his beer. The partly dimly lighted corner makes him think hard. There is something he keeps to himself. No one knows the pain he has. He thinks about his dream to find the right woman whom he will spend his lifetime with.

He remembers that it is in the same place where he met a woman named Suzanne. She is young and beautiful. She is worried about his heavy drinking. He likes her being thoughtful. No one has ever cared about his drinking, but Suzanne. Drinks calm him down.  He offers Suzanne a glass of beer, but she just takes fruit juice.

In the same place, Alphonse invites Suzanne.  It begins to make clear to Alphonse that his search for the right woman to marry has ended. He finds the woman in Suzanne. She is the woman he wants to marry and to be the mother of his children. It does not take long. Suzanne accepts the marriage proposal. They get married in the church that same year.


For a Brighter Future by Antoine Jean Jumelle

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In the secretary’s office.

Main character: Jenny, a young secretary

Conflict: Jenny’s children need to go to school, but Jenny is always short of money. She needs to make more money from her work to give her two children brighter future.

For a Brighter Future
By Antoine Jean Jumelle

It is September. It is back to school month. Jenny, a young secretary, has two children, a son and a daughter. Both of them will get back to school. Jenny does not make much money from her job. She is concerned about her two children’s education. Aside from this, she has many other things on top of her head, the rent, the bills and other responsibilities.

As Jenny sits down at her office desk, she looks at  her children’s pictures. They are beautiful. She cannot afford to see her two children left behind from school. Jenny is deeply bothered by the thought.

Back to school is always a problem, not only for her but also for many other parents who do not make much from their jobs. Jenny remains seated thinking hard. She cannot focus on what she has to do. Her mind is on the future of her two children.


Homesick by Myrtha Ulysee

The Plot of the Story

Setting: Springtime in the park.

Main Character: Linda, 24 years old, an immigrant from Africa

Conflict: Linda feels homesick in the United States. She wants to fly back to Africa, but she does not have enough money.

By Myrtha Ulysee

Linda comes to the United States as an immigrant. She does not have any family in her new place. She feels homesick. It is not easy to live in a foreign country. She misses her family members and friends.  She wants to go back to Africa. The problem is money. She does not want to disappoint her parents going back without success.

Linda does not have any choice, but to stay in the United States. She finds an agency that helps her learn English. It is her passport to go to college. She cannot go back to her country without showing her parents signs of progress. Going to college is the answer. She is already in the country where there are many opportunities. Going back home at this time is not good. She has to prove his family that her coming to the United States is a good decision. She has to learn to be strong in meeting difficulties in her life.

After many years of hard work, Linda’s dream comes true. She graduated from college and is now employed. This time, she is proud to go back to her country, but only for a short visit. She does not want to lose her job in the United States.


Lucky Winner by Solange Louis Jacques

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In the garden.

Main Character: Sheila, a single woman

Conflict: Sheila, a nature lover who cannot pay the rent. The landlord gives her the warning to pay or she moves out from the apartment.

Lucky Winner
By Solange Louis Jacques

Sheila loves to work in the garden. She grows beautiful flowers. The birds and the butterflies visit her garden. There is always joy in her heart each time she sees her garden bloom with colors. The small garden in her backyard keeps her alive. It makes her forgets her financial problems.

She needs to pay the rent next time. She is already late paying the rent for three months. The landlord tells her to fix the problem. If she cannot pay the rent this time, she will have to move out. This bothers Sheila a lot. She does not know what to do. She cannot tell her problem with her neighbors.

One day, Sheila’s phone rings. The voice from the other end tells her that she wins the lottery jackpot. She is the lucky winner of a million dollar. Sheila is so happy that she can now pay the rent and she can keep her beautiful garden.


Parking Violation by Frantz Desrosiers

The Plot of the Story

Setting:  At the Court House

Character: John, a young lawyer

Conflict: John is defending a client for a parking violation case. He has a debate with the prosecutor about the parking law.

Parking Violation
By Frantz Desrosiers

It was 10:00 am. John, a young lawyer comes to the Court House. He goes to the judge with his client.He puts down his files on the table and waits for the prosecutor.

The prosecutor arrives at the Court House ten minutes earlier. He hits the gavel and asks John to announce the case. It is about parking violation on Flatbush Avenue. His client made a double parking near a store. It was when he gets something from the store. Unfortunately, the police officer gives him a double parking ticket violation.

The prosecutor says his client does not respect the rules. He violated the law. John argues that his client has a driver license and for five years has been respecting the law. The client finds that the police officer who issues him the ticket violation does it by accident. A long heated discussion follows between the two sides. John wins the case. His client does not have to pay the parking ticket violation because the arresting police officer does not come for the hearing.


Sammy's Restaurant by Jerry Pierre

The Plot of the Story

Setting: At Sammy’s Restaurant.

Character: Robert Henry, the manager of Sammy’s Restaurant, and Mr. Barker, the restaurant owner.

Conflict: Robert Henry’s restaurant business is losing money after the September 11th incident. He keeps only one worker whom he always yells at. The worker plans to leave. If he does, Mr. Henry will close his restaurant business.

Sammy’s Restaurant
By Jerry Pierre

After the September 11th tragedy in New York, Mr. Barker’s restaurant business does not get busy anymore. It is named Sammy’s Restaurant.  There is no complaint about the menu served in the restaurant. The waitresses are nice and friendly. The customers who used to go there find other places to eat out.

Mr. Henry is the manager and he reports to Mr. Barker, the restaurant owner. Mr. Henry is a kind manager, but Mr. Barker is very demanding. He wants everyone working hard and he is rude to others. Sometimes behaves badly even before the presence of other customers. He is always mad to the restaurant workers. He does not smile at them nor give a friendly attention. He is very strict.  He wants the workers to work hard productively.

After the September 11th incident, Mr. Barker’s restaurant business suffers from it.  Less and less customers come to the restaurant. It causes lay off of workers. Only one is left. When Mr. Henry is notaround, this worker is often yelled at by Mr. Barker. Mr. Henry talks to the owner that the only worker left in the restaurant plans to leave. He cannot take the constant yelling he gets from Mr. Barker.

Mr. Barker remains the same person. Not long after, the restaurant business closed down. No one wants to work for Mr. Barker, including Mr. Henry, the manager.


The Flower Girl by Viergela Baptiste

The Plot of the Story

Setting: In a garden at home.

Character: Mary, 35 years old

Conflict: Mary finds all her garden flowers dead after her trip from Haiti.

The Flower Girl
By Viergela Baptiste

Mary returns from her vacation trip in Haiti. She gets home and sees that all her garden plants are dead. No one takes care of her garden when she was away. She wants her beautiful garden back. She wants her plants to grow again. To begin with, she cleans the garden and waters the plants. It is almost a full day work, but she does not mind. She is determined to make her garden get back to life again. After washing her hands, she sits down and waits for her flowers to come again.

The Garden by Jean Robert

The Plot of the Story

Setting:  Springtime in the park.

Character:  Linda Lopez, married with two children. She loves garden flowers. It is her favorite pastime, gardening.

Conflict: The garden gets dry and the plants are destroyed. Linda does not know why. She finds out later that it was her dog. She loves her dog. She cannot let her dog away. What must she do?

The Garden
By Jean Robert

Linda loves gardening. It is something she learned from her grandmother. She knows every plant in her garden and the names of flowers she grows. Everyone enjoys her garden in full bloom. One day, Linda is so shocked to see that her garden is almost destroyed. Many plants are uprooted. The flowers are cut on the ground. She gets very upset.

She tries to find the one responsible in destroying her garden. She sits down and waits. At the corner she sees a dog. It is her dog. For a moment, she thinks of killing the dog, but she loves her dog. She takes the dog by the hand and leads it inside the house. This time the garden can grow again.


The Trial by Guy Emerson Fleurantin

The Plot of the Story

Setting: A small town in England

Main character: John Morrison, a lawyer, married with two daughters, a faithful friend

Conflict: John’s friend got arrested. He is guilty of robbing a bank. John has to defend him against his will.

The Trial
By Guy Emerson Fleurantin

It was on February 9 when the story happens in a small town. John Morrison is having dinner with his family when he gets the news. His best friend David is arrested. He robs the bank and murders a woman.The police put him in jail while waiting for trial.

John feels very bad for David. He does not know how to defend his friend’s case. It is too serious. John loves his friend. They have been like real brothers. They grew up together and went to the same school. They got separated when David left the town.

The news breaks John’s heart. He visits him in jail and gets the information. David is lost. His sad experiences away from home make him what he is today. It is sad. He asks john for help. He is sure of death sentence to his crime. He needs a good lawyer to represent him in court. John is the man.

John is bothered by the situation. He loves his friend, but he cannot exchange it for the truth and justice. On the day of trial, John looks up in the sky. The sky is blue. It is a clear day.