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​​ESOL Success Stories

CAMBA Adult Literacy Center. The name usually tells it all. The institute for those who need help with English, with computers, etc. In reality, it's not just simply that - we are a place dedicated to the progress of one thing - the dreams, the goals of all our students. Life for immigrants is far from a cakewalk, having to adjust to a new lifestyle, and a new language. Our faculty strives to provide our students with the means to move forward in life, to take the necessary steps into the world, into colleges, and into budding careers.

With that said, here are some of CAMBA's very own success stories, some out of many.

Gaining Confidence

Definitely, my life has changed since I started studying English at CAMBA. Before, I didn’t have any confidence in myself because of my poor English. But everything changed when I heard about CAMBA from one of my friends. After attending English classes at CAMBA, I have gained more confidence. It’s an amazing feeling when you can express yourself; you can talk to everybody; and you can go wherever you want. By knowing English grammar, it’s easier to be involved in conversations with other people.

Studying English at CAMBA has changed my life in many areas. Now I am willing to continue my education despite my age. The knowledge that CAMBA has given me will help me to realize my dream, and to build a better tomorrow. CAMBA gave me the opportunity to meet other people from different countries. I met a wonderful teacher who taught us in a very nice and easy way. Because of his unique explanations, we learned more easily.

I am very happy that now I have learned English, and also that now I have many new friends.

Anzhela Osipyan

Male Smiling It’s All About CAMBA

In the USA there are such organizations whose duties are to help people to succeed in their lives. CAMBA is one of them. It helps immigrant students to learn English, get prepared for getting a GED diploma, get job readiness skills, and get adapted to tough life in America.

My name is Habib. I came from Bangladesh in 2009. CAMBA’s role is great in my life . It helped me to pave the way in the realization of my dreams. My life has changed since I started attending ESOL classes at CAMBA’s Adult Literacy Center. I learned English and met nice people who became my friends. Before I came to CAMBA I never realized that I would be able to go to College one day. But CAMBA made my dream come true when I met my ESOL teacher Ms Anahit. She gave me the knowledge that I needed to go to college and helped me believe in my strengths and abilities. I became more confident and it helped me to fulfill my dreams. I am proud of CAMBA and I recommend all my newly arrived friends to come to CAMBA. Thanks CAMBA. MD Habib Hossain

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Where your dreams come true!

When you first come to the United States, particularly to Brooklyn, there is a place or a harbor for all immigrants. This place is CAMBA, where people are friendly, including managers and all of the staff that work there. They help you in many ways to pursue and achieve your goals. I cannot forget one of them, especially Ms. Anahit Zatikyan, who helped many immigrants like me not only to learn English, but to be very strong and purposeful to achieve our goals and never give up. I am very thankful to the management of CAMBA, as it gave us the great opportunity to continue our studies in Brooklyn College.

Black Woman Smiling CAMBA where you can, is the first school that helped me to feel comfortable in America. My life has changed since I started attending ESOL classes at CAMBA'S Adult Literacy Center.
At CAMBA, any immigrant like me can learn what he needs to overcome the difficulties of a tough life in America. I am so thankful to CAMBA and I greatly appreciate what I learned there. Josette Edouard

Black Man Smiling My name is Nodieu Saintard, I am from Haiti. I have been living in New York since April 2010. At the beginning, I could not communicate in English. My friend recommended me to take ESOL classes at CAMBA' s Adult Literacy Center. CAMBA helped me to improve my English skills. Now I feel confident in myself and I got assimilated into the community life in America. CAMBA is a good place to learn English in a short period of time, get information about American history, culture and traditions. CAMBA is also a good place to meet people and make friends. I worked as a dentist in my country and I would like to have my Dentistry degree in America as well. Little by little I feel closer to achieving my goal.

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