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Mock Trial Scenario​

​On the morning of Monday June 4th at 9:00 a.m. five masked gunmen held up the Chase Bank on Nesconset Highway in Stony Brook, Long Island. One of the gunmen knocked the security guard outside unconscious and then stood watch while the other four entered the bank. The assailants, all armed, ordered the bank’s customers and employees to the ground. One burglar held the bank teller at gun-point and made him hand 28,000 dollars.

The crime was over within minutes robbers quickly fled the scene of the crime in a car waiting outside the bank. When the police arrived they arrested a man that the teller identified as one of the assailants who seemed to be fleeing the scene of the crime.

This man, the defendant, Mr. Paul, is on trial today and is being charged with first degree robbery. In the State of New York, First Degree Robbery is a Class B felony and 5 year minimum for someone with no prior convictions and carries up to a 25 year prison term.