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Manhattan Trip October 2011​

​​On Nov. 1, 2011 I took my AM and PM classes on a walking tour of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan. I had discovered that many of my students had little or no knowledge of Manhattan, and I felt that it was important to introduce them to the major world city that they live in. The students were very excited about the trip and really seemed to enjoy seeing all the new places. The highlights of the trip included City Hall; the Occupy Wall Street encampment; the World Financial Center, with a view of the 9/11 Memorial; the Hudson River waterfront with its boats, parks, sculptures, museums and views of New Jersey, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island; Battery Park and the bull sculpture on Broadway near Wall St. For students from small countries, living in Brooklyn, this trip gave them an idea of the enormity and diversity of New York and why it is such an important world city. It is also helped them place some of the sights and landmarks we'd discussed in class, making New York more real to them. They took hundreds of pictures and excitedly asked where we were going to go on the next trip.